Smeraldina products are designed to meet all the needs of daily life. They stand out due to high quality not only with regard to water, but also to their containers and packages, designed to ensure absolute freshness and long carbonation process, duration, to be robust, protective and ergonomic, as well as aesthetically original and prestigious. 

Smeraldina range offers three product lines:

Plastic (Pet)

It is immediately recognizable thanks to its unmistakable faceted bottle. Natural water is emerald green and Always Sparkling ( “Sempre Frizzante”) is blue. A perfect line for every occasion of consumption, both indoors and outdoors, available in 1.5 liters, 1, 0.75 (Sports Cap), and 0.5 formats, along with Smeraldina Ina 0.25. innovative format.


Smeraldina Glass line, elegant and prestigious, has always been very much in demand for high-class restaurants. But it is also the perfect product for most demanding domestic and aesthetics-oriented consumers. Glass line is also available as Natural version (green label), as Always Sparkling (Sempre Frizzante) and lightly sparkling water (blue and azure label version), sizes: 1 liter, 0.75, (both returnable and no deposit), 0,50 and 0.25 (no deposit only).


Smeraldina water is also available in Tetra Pak's 0.50 lt Tetra Prism Aseptic (Natural), which combines an attractive look with great versatility. The container guarantees a high product protection level, thanks to StreamCap resealable capsule, it's incredibly easy to handle, convenient to use and drinkable in any occasions.

The packaging

The product models of the Smeraldina selection are made ad hoc with the best materials and are characterized by the emerald’s facets.

An example of the attention that Smeraldina pays to packaging is the new special bottle with system called “Always Sparkling”, designed to guarantee a longer life of the carbonated water.

The packaging and models of the Smeraldina bottles satisfy modern lifestyle needs. The plastic bottles weight more compared to the national average, they are durable and resistant, handy, and they guarantee an easy and secure grip.

The Glass line has been a longtime synonym of restoration of quality and prestige. The bottles made of extra white precious glass, personalized and branded Smeraldina, confer an unmistakable elegance.


The production process

To be equal to water born perfect means to maintain its goodness and purity intact, to bring Nature to the consumers’ tables.

Smeraldina is bottled directly at the source, in an aseptic and protected environment, inside sterile and secure containers, through a highly hygienic process and controlled atmosphere.

A computerized system guarantees the complete verification of each stage of the production process. The production line uses the best systems and equipment in the world, created by nationally and internationally recognized suppliers.

The materials (glass-preforms-corks-labels-films) are from the most renowned manufacturers, and their quality is rigorously certified. This is the only manner in which, with a flawless production, the Smeraldina water maintains all of its qualities unchanged for a long time.

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