The Quality

Smeraldina qualitative characteristics are constantly monitored through the most sophisticatedand modern analytical instrumentation. A company's internal laboratory, run by specialized personnel and provided with advanced equipment, performs repeated and manic daily checks. Smeraldina  is ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 45001 certified. In 2012 it achieved Certificate of Excellence No. 373 in Italy. We are FDA certified for the US and also Kosher certified. In 2016 Smeraldina has also obtained a BRC (British Retail Council) certification for food safety.

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Respect for the environment

The quality of Smeraldina product is mainly due to the pure and uncontaminated land where it was born. Environment is everything to A.L.B S.p.A. For this reason, it also supports outreach projects, especially targeting young people and schools. It is engaged in ongoing recycling initiatives. It pays the utmost care in selecting materials. Bottles are washed with a natural ozone solution created by water itself and then rinsed out through high-pressure mineral water. Labels are applied with vegetable-based glue. Furthermore, over  the production process nothing gets wasted, thanks to the quality management system coordinating all business processes, and as much as 66% of glass bottles is reused with a returnable system, thus minimizing  environmental impact to the maximum extent.Not surprisingly, corporate color has always been green.

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